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Our programs are only possible with your donations.

Our sponsors are the program and need to know exactly how we pass on your support.

  1. A small portion Roughly 10% of your donation will be spent in our local schools. We through the help from the school districts will have First Responders meet with the current high school graduating class. These will be the adults of our future. Teaching them to appreciate their first responders will help in protecting our First Responders through a new taught level of respect. They will also assist them by pointing them in the right direction of their further education should they choose a First Responder carrier. They also will be asked of their donated time to help the First Responders organization in their area to raise additional funds to continue the longevity of the program.
  2. 40% of the proceeds donated by your sponsorship will go to our local police, fire, and EMS to be used to purchase additional things needed for their safety. This could be additional personnel, another K-9 trained and ready for service, protective vests, etc.
  3. The remaining funds left over will be for maintaining a special savings account. It could only be used to help the family’s of any First Responders hurt while on duty. It also would be available to support the family of a fallen First Responder to help with Funeral expenses or in a manner the family may need. These amounts will vary based on what is available in the account at the time of need. We also will eliminate any waiting time and make these funds available immediately, as this is when we can help the most.

Continued education and fund raisers

We will have local fund raisers through out our communities from time to time through out every year. These fund raisers will help for local residents and businesses to understand our mission and to raise additional funds for our First Responders.

We will be calling on and asking our local business community for use of their premises or parking lot to hold these special events. We will continually adjust these special fundraisers to increase attendance. Suggestion is welcome and we will also always ask of our local media to get the word out before the event so that these events can while being fun for those that attend will impact the meaning of the mission.

We also need vendors to serve some food and refreshments.  And will ask our local TV and radio for additional attention by doing some live broadcasting,  while also bringing foot trafic to your location. This would be great for a lot of businesses especially local car dealers for they have the space and love additional foot traffic.

If you would also like to be a part of these events please reach out and contact us. We will keep your information on file and reach out to you for your generous donating of your time. And of course we will always ask that some of our First Responders stop by to say hi and meet our children as well as any fun they can create as well.

Hope to see you soon in your neighborhood!!