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Without some donors with big hearts this would not be possible!!

Our wish list is needed because we will not take from sponsor donations to buy anything on this list. By doing so you are assured that your donation is being used to help our First Responders.

But the fact remains we need they items on this list to make our fundraisers as successful as possible.

We ask of our big business’s in Southwest Florida of they’re help to make this become a very much needed reality.

The following is a list of the tools we need to generate as much as we can to help our First Responders, which in turn will protect you and your business.

  1. A lawyer or firm to donate the time needed to get the charters needed through out our country, while being assured they keep the standards we are setting going forward.
  2. We are hoping to have a 20 foot long food wagon. This will be used at fundraisers as well as through out the week at many locations to generate more proceeds going to First Responders. All proceeds will go directly to the cause. We also will ask of our big food providers to help with donations to keep our food cost low. We will have specially trained cooks and chefs to make people wanting to come back for our great menu, and all quality. The cost of this donation is $20,000.00. For the person or business donating the food wagon they’re name will forever be on our website as the donor as well as the food wagon itself.
  3. Need someone to donate about 500 t-shirts that will be available at our fundraisers. Cost on this is about $2,600.00. The person donating would have they’re name on the back of every shirt.
  4. One of the most needed things on this list is a Harley Trike. We are hoping the Harley dealers in our three counties will make it a reality. If not, we are asking for someones help. This is our First Responders mascot. It will be heavily illuminated with police and fire lights to use on private property (Example .Car dealer lot). It will be designed to attract children which will help their relationship with First Responders start at an early age. It also would be used through out our three counties in charity runs to raise even more donations. Some of these charity events I hope to attract several hundred motorcyclists and hope for some of them to exceed one thousand participants. I will work hard to make this an event for Harley enthusiasts and our cause, to the extent of something they never seen before. We again are willing to work to make things happen. Why Harley? It is a true sign of strength in America as well as longevity. Just like our long history of First Responders. The cost of this donation is about $35,000.00. The donator will be forever on our website for this donation as well as having they’re business name prominently displayed on the rear of the vehicle.
  5. We will need a commercial freezer and refrigerator to store every thing needed for a daily operation of the food cart. Cost on this is about $4,000.00. It would be great for one of our big box stores or home improvement stores to help with this. Either way this to is a needed item to add money for our First Responders. Business donors name or business will be forever on our website.
  6. Stationary for mailing envelopes as well as copy paper, printer ink, postage, etc. Yearly cost about $2,500.00. Although this is small in some ways are goal is to not take from the donations. Your name will be forever on our website.
  7. Trinkets for the kids at fund raisers to make it more fun for them. $2,000.00 would surely get us off to a great start. Your name would always too appear on our website.

Please help us to get the word out. With accomplishing our wish list we will be well on our way to helping all First Responders for the sacrifices they are willing to take every day.