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Our Goal And Mission

First responders are our neighbors, spouses, children, family, parents, and our friends

First Responders Lives Matter is a not for profit corporation in the state of Florida. Your donations are tax deductible.

Our only goal is through awareness and sponsorship that we help all First Responders in Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties in Florida.

What is a First Responder? Local, city, state, and federal police, fire fighters, and EMS. To include all who would be actively on duty in Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties, Florida.

We will be actively pursuing other chapters through out the state of Florida and through out the entire United States to further our goals of not only making people aware of our First Responder’s dedication to all of us by putting their lives before us, but the sacrifices that they and their family go through each and everyday to be sure we are safe.

Every First Responder in the United States deserves to know we support them.

It is only through your personal and business donations that this is possible. Tax dollars only go so far and they need our additional support.

Please help our First Responders with not only your generous donation, but also with helping to spread the word.

We all would have a not so nice life without their dedication and putting their lives before ours. One should be only imagine our life without these people.

We alone can only do so much, please help us to help them in every way we can.