First Responders Lives Matter

First Responders Lives matter had it’s beginning because of all the recent violence against the people that protect us every day. We need not be reminded of all the people that have lost their lives recently that went to work each and every day only to protect us.It is not that we knowingly take these people for granted. We all expect protection through our tax dollars for these great people to protect us, our family, and our property. Tax dollars unfortunately only go so far.

Our donations will benefit First Responders in all of Collier , Lee, and Charlotte County’s in Florida. Starting soon we will be creating local chapters of First Responders Lives Matter through out Florida and also through out the entire US.

We have all our lives, go to work to get a paycheck to support our family. But our First Responders also go to work every day to protect us, putting their lives in front of protecting all of us before their paycheck.

We can not even begin to imagine what their spouses go through and live with every day. Not knowing where they are, if their OK and coming home after work. Just imagine pulling a vehicle over for a routine traffic stop, not knowing who is in that vehicle. Or for our fire department and EMS having to pull up and get in front of an active shooter situation to help our wounded civilians and local law enforcement. Nor we forget intentional fires set only to shoot and kill our firemen and EMS.

Not experiencing it for ourselves it is hard to comprehend what these people and their family’s do every day of their lives for you and us. There is nothing routine about what they do for all of us. It is for this reason that we wanted to reach out and show them we care.

We can only do this with your support. We ask that you become a sponsor of this great cause for these great people and show all of our first responders that we sincerely appreciate every thing they do for us every day of their lives.

With your yearly sponsorship we will provide you a First Responders Lives Matter decal that you can proudly display on your rear window of your vehicle and or the front door of your home.

It will be your way of letting these people who put their lives before ours each and every day that you appreciate each and every one of them. It will help to remind them every day that we know the sacrifices that they are willing to do to help us.

It is through your help that our goal is to have this decal on every front door and vehicle through out our three counties. It will also help that when our local citizens see this, they too will reach out with more support.

We are incorporated in the State of Florida as a not for profit corporation.

Your donation and your information will not be shared with anyone other than our organization. If you are a personal (non business) sponsor, your information will be kept private, however you may choose to be listed by name on our sponsor page. Should you like to be listed we have categories for the amount of your donation.

If you are a local business, you have the option to remain unknown as well. You also (recommended) will be listed on our SPONSOR PAGE. You will be listed under the category of your business (ex. restaurants, car dealer,service company,etc.) in alphabetical order. Should you decide to up grade your yearly sponsorship you also can be listed first  in your category with a link to your webpage. Should you agree to link us back on your website, you would get a discounted rate because you will also help us to get more sponsors. For businesses that contribute even higher amounts will appear in a very special way on our SPONSOR PAGE.

We will be doing many fund raisers through out each year. Many of which will be in the media in print and also digital. Our residents and visitors will always be asked to support our sponsors first when considering our local businesses.

All of our proceeds are donated to our local governments in three ways.To see more please visit our ABOUT US  or OUR PROGRAMS page.

Thank you to all of you for your support of these hard working First Responders.




When I was young and growing up in the inner city of Chicago every thing was much more appreciated than it is today. My Mother would take me to the corner grocery store, and then across the street to the local butcher. I still remember writing in the sawdust on the butcher’s floor.

But what I remember most was sitting outside at night on hot summer days. The police man walking the beat would always make it a point to stop by and say hi. He was very respected. I also remember going to the corner when I was playing outside and the firemen would let us come into the fire house. That was a favorite, we even were allowed to slide down the firemen’s poll from the second floor to the first. Probably not the greatest idea in today’s times, but it was then.

What happen to the respect for our First Responders from then till now. I know technology and other things took away the local corner merchants, but our First Responders have not changed from then till today. They put their lives before ours every day. They are our parents, children, sisters, brothers, our friends and neighbors. Our world would not be a happy or safe place with out each and every on of them. Please help us to show them nothing has changed and we do care each day of our lives.

Don’t live in Southwest Florida but still want to help our First Responders in your area:

You can become a sponsor regardless of where you would like your donation to go to. Just let us know in the comments section on the donation page of where you would like your donation to go to. Example: New York City, New York. We will set up a fund for any city or state through out the US. 

Your donation would be used for helping the family of a First Responder should they be hurt or killed in the line of duty for your area. The donation would be immediate and based on what we have in the account for the area you designate. The family would be presented a check from us to use as they need. 

We are currently looking for our citizens to have charters of our organization through out the United States. Remember you can choose any city or state you would like your donation to go to.